Product Description

IBR Roof Sheeting is a well-known and popular profile in the Building and Construction Industry due to its drainage characteristics, as well as its strength with aesthetic value. The stiffening rib gives added stability. This profile can be cranked, curved and bullnosed as per client needs. The load span characteristics are dependent on the application and product used.

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Key Features

IBR Roof Sheeting is available in

  • Galvanised Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Poly-carbonate and Colour
IBR roof sheets are available in a wide range of materials displaying various structural properties. It should be noted that the load span characteristics are only to be used as a broad guideline as purlin spacings are dependant on other factors such as: Prevailing winds in a certain area, Snow during winter periods, The presence of dust and other particles in industrial areas and the type of structure that is being erected We therefore recommend that a qualified engineer be consulted to determine the purlin spacing for a specific application.